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Protect your vape cartridges with your very own Ganja Guard! Free shipping on all Ganja Guard Packs and orders over $100!

Protect your carts

Fits 510-thread 1g cartridge only

Locally Made

Reusable & Recyclable

  • Karina

    “First time buyer of a pen and wanted to make sure I did things right! I absolutely love that it protects the carriage. The cool colors are a major plus! So simple SO GENIUS!”
  • Michelle

    “Very helpful not only did it save my cart from breaking but it gave it a beautiful Distinctive look.”
  • Alice

    “I absolutely LOVE my Ganga Guard! Keeps my pens safe and secure , and it makes smoking an even better experience since I don’t have to worry about dropping my pen and breaking a cartridge , I feel stress free with my Ganga Guard ! Wish I would’ve bought sooner!”
  • Vanessa

    “After breaking multiple cartridges, I gave up on my pen and set it aside.Then I came across the GangaGuard™️. This bad boy is crafted to fit perfectly on my 1G cartridge and guess what! No more broken cartridges! It has survived so MANY falls and I’ve saved so much money from having to replace the broken ones. Thank you GanjaGuard™️!!!!”
  • Raven

    “My pens slip into the couch or hit the floor all the time. With GangaGuard™️, I know they’re protected from breaking and less likely to slip into small spaces. The variety of colors also helps keep track of my carts that all look the same. I’m glad I have GangaGuard™️ to protect my meds and my peace! “


    Guardians of the Ganja is the brainchild of our founder, Sarah Hershberger-Valencia. She created the Ganja Guard™ out of a personal need. Over the past two years, she has personally designed and tested the efficacy and sustainability of the Ganja Guard™. This Latina owned and operated business has an ultimate goal to support the growing cannabis industry by meeting basic needs, promoting accessibility, and creating space for womxn to build community and continue to thrive.