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Who We Are

This mighty team of guardians has banded together to protect the galaxy’s most valued resource – the ganja. The life giving and healing properties of this magical plant are treasured by everyone across the galaxy. However, there are some who wish to take the ganja for themselves and exploit its usefulness for their own profit and gains. It is the job of the guardians to ensure that the ganja is protected and remains accessible for all.

Baby Root

She may be a little, but don’t let her adorable stature fool you. Our baby girl can pack a punch!


She proudly leads her team protecting stoners all across the Galaxy and, at the same time, getting into all sorts of good trouble along the way.

Kush Lord

They have the sharpest aim, and an even sharper wit. They never miss their targets.

Dank the Dabber

He is a noble warrior, cross him, and you’ll soon understand why he is known as a heavy hitter.

Reefer Rabbit

You know you’re going to have a wild time if he is involved. He’s always eager to fire up his beloved bongzooka any chance he can get.