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Ganjora Origin Story

March 21, 2023
Ganjora is from the planet, Ganjero. However, she grew up off-world, on Ganjero Space Station #400, just five parsecs from Hempia, Baby Root’s home planet. Ganjora was the first daughter and the last of six sons. Her father was the right hand to the emperor of Ganjero, a position only rewarded to the noblest of […]
Two vape cartriges, the first one is shattered, the second one is protected by a green ganja guard.

A Ganja Guard: The Solution to Shattered Vape Cartridges

November 16, 2022
Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of accidentally breaking your cannabis vape cartridge? 💔 I have; that is why I created the Ganja Guard. 🤩 What is a Ganja Gaurd? It’s a recyclable, reusable device designed to cushion your vape carts from falls.   Using my 3D printer and ingenuity, 🤓 I engineered the sleek and […]


April 20, 2022
I’m sentimental AF, and I love to reflect on special days that hold a little more meaning to me. So, 4-20 has me in a reflective mood, but it also might be this Girl Scout Cookie.🍃    I remember where I was mentally, physically, and bruja-lly,✨(it’s like spiritually, but more witchy) before I added cannabis […]