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Sarah Hershberger-Valencia

Our founder and CEO! Ganja Guard™ is her personal brainchild! When she started using vape carts back in July 2019, she found herself constantly dropping and breaking them. And because no one has time to be breaking and rebuying, she created the Ganja Guard™ out of a personal need. Over the past two years, she has personally designed and tested the efficacy and sustainability of the Ganja Guard™. She is beyond stoked to be bringing this product to you!

Elizabeth Alm

Elizabeth is our COO and nothing lights her up quite like a spreadsheet and some good ole’ organizing. She is the owner and operator of Elizabeth Irene, an organization and systems consulting business. She has over 10 yrs of admin experience and is thrilled to be bringing that to the team!
2301 Sunny Lane Suamico, WI 54313-7866, USA

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***For Inquiries or Product Questions use [email protected]