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commonly asked questions

What is GOTG

Guardians of the Ganja is the brainchild of our founder, Sarah Hershberger-Valencia. When she started using vape carts back in July 2019, she found herself constantly dropping and breaking them. And because no one has time to be breaking and rebuying, she created the Ganja Guard™ out of a personal need.

Over the past two years, she has personally designed and tested the efficacy and sustainability of the Ganja Guard™.

While we are all about helping you protect your vapes?

The ultimate goal and focus of GOTG is to support the growing cannabis industry by meeting basic needs, promoting accessibility, and creating space for womxn to build community and continue to thrive.

“As a Latine entrepreneur, my goal as a business owner and mentor is to continue to create spaces for those who have historically been marginalized and excluded, especially in the field of cannabis. You are welcome here. We want to help you flourish and thrive. Stay elevated.”

Sarah Hershberger Valencia


What is a Ganja Guard™?
A Ganja Guard™ is a device that is designed to protect 1 gram cylinders.
Why do I need a Ganja Guard™?
To protect your vape cartridges from shattering and breakage.
How to use a Ganja Guard™?
  1. Heat up vape before sliding the Ganja Guard™ over your 510-thread 1g cartridge.
    1. DO NOT heat up with Ganja Guard™ on.
  2. Slide the Ganja Guard™ over the vape cart.
    1. Best when the holes of the Ganja Guard™ align with the holes in the cartridge atomizer.
  3. ENJOY!
Do they fit all vapes?
Not yet! But soon. For now, The Ganja Guard™ is specially designed for the 510-thread cylinder one gram vape cartridges
Can I use them on non-THC vape pens?
The Ganja Guard™ can fit most 510 cylinder size 1 gram vape cartridges.
Will you be making more sizes?
More designs are currently under development.
What else can I get from GOTG?
Apparel, stickers, and accessories
Discreet shipping for Ganja Guards™
All GOTG merch & guards come in discreet packaging with the return address name Creative Dreamer Media.