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Ganjora Origin Story


Ganjora's origin story and how she meets Baby Root.

Ganjora is from the planet, Ganjero. However, she grew up off-world, on Ganjero Space Station #400, just five parsecs from Hempia, Baby Root’s home planet. Ganjora was the first daughter and the last of six sons. Her father was the right hand to the emperor of Ganjero, a position only rewarded to the noblest of warriors.

The reason for Ganjora’s unique upbringing on a Space Station? Well, all anyone would ever tell her is that it had to do with a scandal, a forbidden love between a noble warrior’s wife and a young emperor. Some would say the family was banished, and some said it was an agreement. Many still question Ganjora’s birth.

But all growing up, Ganjora’s father called her his lucky number seven. “Dad’s favorite number for his favorite daughter,” he would chuckle, “only daughter,” Ganjora would sarcastically reply as they fell into a giggling frenzy.

But none of that matters now, as Ganjora and her six older brothers send mamá’s ashes back into the universe, just like they did with papá five years before. After mamá’s celebration of life dinner, Ganjora heads back to her apartment until she is interrupted by a communication from her boss.

Major: Officer Guerrero, I’m very sorry to disturb you. I just thought you’d want to know that Hempia has just been destroyed. We except few survivors but – 

Ganjora: I’m on my way, sir.

Hempia’s decimation was catastrophic. A planet, disseminated in a matter of seconds. What could have caused such destruction? Ganjora ponders. Just then, she heard faint whimpers coming from ruins a few yards away.

Ganjora walked up to Baby Root, who was holding a picture of her family with giant tears in her eyes. Baby Root was startled by Ganjora and quickly pounced into a rear triangle chokehold with a sharp shard aimed at Ganjora’s jugular.

Baby Root: YOU DID THIS?!


Baby Root slowly released  Ganjora from her chokehold and fell to the ground from exhaustion and grief, but the shard and family photo is still in hand. As Ganjora swaddles Baby Root with an emergency blanket, she studied her and felt deeply connected to this strange child that almost sliced her throat. Ganjora took off with Baby Root swaddled closely, and Ganjora knew from then on her life would never be the same…

Baby Root, Ganjora, Hempia

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