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I’m sentimental AF, and I love to reflect on special days that hold a little more meaning to me.

So, 4-20 has me in a reflective mood, but it also might be this Girl Scout Cookie.🍃 

I remember where I was mentally, physically, and bruja-lly,✨(it’s like spiritually, but more witchy)

before I added cannabis to my wellness routine. It was in my late twenties when I was in therapy for what I like to call

the holy trinity; PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

I couldn’t sleep, the deep grief fueled my anger, and the depression felt too heavy to hold.

In short, I was not in a good place, and deciding to add cannabis to my wellness routine changed everything for me. 

I’ll never forget that first night dosing with an indica and actually getting sleep. Good sleep, like REM sleep.

Who knew sleep was supposed to be restorative? 😅

Who knew this little plant could help me grow and heal? When Bob Marley said,

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” He was not playing.

Present-day, I find myself here on the best day of the year, running my own cannabis business,

and feeling incredibly grateful. Because when those hard things buried me, I discovered I was a seed. 🌻

I am sending you all the love and luz! 

Happy 420, CannaFam! 💜