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Two vape cartriges, the first one is shattered, the second one is protected by a green ganja guard.

A Ganja Guard: The Solution to Shattered Vape Cartridges

Have you ever experienced the heartbreak of accidentally breaking your cannabis vape cartridge? 💔 I have; that is why I created the Ganja Guard. 🤩

What is a Ganja Gaurd? It’s a recyclable, reusable device designed to cushion your vape carts from falls.  

Using my 3D printer and ingenuity, 🤓 I engineered the sleek and straightforward design of the Ganja Guard. The Ganja Guard provides folks with discreetness and makes vape cartridges even more convenient, allowing you to travel, move, and groove with the peace of mind of knowing your ganja is protected.🛡️


How to use a Ganja Guard

1. Preheat vape battery before sliding on your Ganja Guard.

2. Gently slide the Ganja Guard over the vape cartridge. 

At first, the guard might be a little snug, but it will gently stretch. 

3. Align Ganja Guard ventilation holes with the holes in the cartridge atomizer.


    • If cartridge gets too hot, remove it immediately.


Check out the Ganja Guard How-To Video On YouTube! 📺


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